Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello, Kitteh!

As promised, here is the remaining J.D. in the household:  Hello Kitty, himself.  What, you say?  He is supposed to be white and probably female, to boot?  Well, here's the lowdown...when we moved into our home he was roaming the neighborhood.  He isn't very big, but he stood his ground when our big boy Kirby challenged him in the driveway one day.  I had to admire his determination.

For at least a year, he frequented our home and our neighbors in search of a scrap of something to eat.  We tried to convince the neighbor to adopt him.  Frankly, they had only one cat and we already had two.  And Hello Kitty was brazen enough to go into their home through the cat door and actually steal their cat's food! 

In the frigid winter months I tried to entice him to come inside, but he was really pretty wild and very skittish.  It was bitter out.  He was too skeert to come in. It was killing me.

Finally, I convinced my husband to let me tame him and get him to a vet for neutering so that he would be adoptable.  This done, (with the help of a lot of patience, eye level discussions, and catnip)  Hello Kitty actually tamed me, because I just didn't want to let him go. 

Unfortunately, he has developed a bad relationship with Webster, the Dysfunctional, and cannot be left alone with him.  It's just not good.  Oh, and for some reason, he gets extremely upset if he is on the bed and I try to make it--he has hacked me across the face several times for this infraction.   The final piece of information is that he appears to be a cat that was just left behind when his owner moved.  Nice.  Oh, and the name?  Every day when I came home he would be sitting on the deck and I would say, "Hello, Kitty!"  and that's how he ended up with the name.

He is a good example of how animals can seem to be more forgiving that people.  He has learned to trust us and settled in nicely (as you can see.)  After being ditched, starving and freezing outside for a couple of years, he is the perfect house cat.  Well, except for the one problem with Webster, the Dysfunctional, that is.


  1. Oh Mama, he looks so scary here. And he really is such a sweet cat. No mention of how Ava used to chase and scare him.....good omission.