Monday, March 22, 2010


Meet the fam...that's Kirby on the left and Webster on the right.  They are about 10 years old now and from different Mothers, but raised together.  First we got Kirby at the pet shelter.  He and his brother were in one cage; the brother had double paws on the front AND the back feet.  Many, many more claws to wreck the furniture.  So we took Kirby home and skipped the brother.  He is at least the biggest cat in our neighborhood.  His feet are the size of a small dog, his tail where it joins his body is about 4" in circumference.  He weighs something like 19 pounds.  He's just a big 'ol schlub. 

On the right is Webster who came from, shall we say, a dysfunctional home.  He has been freaked out ever since we got him.  He started out as a thumb sucker, until my husband told him to "man up" and knock it off.  He probably should have had mental health counseling just for this alone.  (Webster, that is. Actually both of them, now that I think of it.)  He used to sit on our bed and not move a muscle, but just move his eyes back and forth like one of those old fashioned cat clocks, watching and thinking.  Watching and thinking....hmmm...these people are really weird, but they feed me so I guess I'll stay. (As you can see from this picture, he never takes his eyes off of us for a minute!)

The two of them are like Laurel and Hardy.  Adds a little personality to our home, which is always a treat! 

Next post, I will introduce you to our newest troublemaker, "Hello Kitty."  That's a whole 'nother story.  Have a meow day, everyone!

Webster: "If you think I'm weird, check out her husband."

Kirby: "I know, I know...but they just bought new cat treats, so let's stick around a little longer, bro."

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