Sunday, May 30, 2010

Along the way...

When I'm out visiting clients, I take my camera with me in my purse.  I do a lot of driving and see a lot of things and so I take pictures.  This rainbow was very unusual because first of all there had not been any rain that day.  I just happened to look up and see it.  The sky was clear with just a few of these fuzzy clouds.  And the rainbow was not curved, but ran straight across the sky.

A few days later, I got out of my car and saw this adorable little dog looking at me from inside a big white truck next to me.  I was very worried when I saw the windows rolled up because it was about 95 degrees out, but then I noticed that the dog was not panting.  Hmmmm.....then I heard the engine running, so I deduced (oh so smartly) that the A/C must have been left on inside the truck.  Not only that, there was music playing and another little fuzzball pooch in there, too.  I was very relieved to know that they were left in such caring circumstances. 

Just a little reminder, most people really know by now, but don't leave your little petties in hot cars.  Unless , of course, the air conditioning and classical music is playing for them.  Awww!

This is one of my favorite houses, on one of my routes.  It's brick with a lot of "gingerbread" trim on it.  This day I happened to glance over at it and saw roses, roses and more roses.  Each bush was a different color:  red, cherry, orange, yellow, and the effect was really stunning.  Not to mention the fragrance in the air was just incredible. 

Having my little Canon with me has really changed how I observe my surroundings, and in a positive way.  I just hope I don't get into an accident leaping out of my car some day to take a picture.  I am learning to listen more to the voice in my head that is encouraging me to stop and just take the dang picture and don't assume it will be waiting on the trip back. 

That happened last week when I saw a herd of dairy cows all corraled by the road where it would have been very easy for me to pull over and get a pic.  Instead, I kept going and sure enough, nary a one was there when I came back.  I'm hoping they were moved to the back 40 and not to (gulp) you-know-where.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey folks!  This is the fair I have been sewing (and sewing and sewing) for...and the reason my posts have been so few.  If you are in the area, there will be some truly amazing artisans there selling their beautiful handiwork.  Please stop in and say hello!  This is going to be REALLY fun! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

They came in the night...

I woke up to find these in the garden.  I planted them about 5 years ago and each year the poppies get a little bigger and have more blooms.  Something about them is just so beautiful, with their papery petals and the dark black stamens.  I just think they are magical!  They just appeared one morning as if to say, "Hello!  Spring is really here!"

These beautiful iris are mixed in with some mint that has gone rather wild.  They always remind me of Claude Monet and his French garden.  My neighbor across the road has yellow and burgundy ones which are gorgeous, too.
This last one is a rose that I got as a gift from my daughter when our sweet cocker spaniel, Max, went over the rainbow bridge several years ago.  I planted it in his memory and it looks more beautiful than ever this year.  I really adore the striated petals.  I feel particularly blessed with these perennials since I seem to have nearly no ability to make plants grow and thrive.  That they keep coming back better than ever is really a gift to me! 

Each day as I drive to my job, I take the most scenic route I can.  I watch for landmarks that I have noticed and suddenly everything is in bloom.  (Especially the pollen!)  It's such a miracle that the world just comes alive every spring and nearly explodes with color and freshness.  What a blessing it is just having the unfolding of a new season day by day. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Terrific Lady!

Please meet Jeanne Oliver.  She is one amazing person!  I mean I feel like kind of a schlub when I think of all she does.  Ready?  She's married (to a man who can almost out-smile President Obama,)  has a house to take care of, she has 3 young and lively kids that she home schools, she creates a beautiful blog (she's in Artful Blogging this issue!), AND....she creates delightful stuff to sell in her shop

Oh, and she has the most hilarious sense of humor, which if you read her blog you will get a taste of.  Take a look at her new collection of handbags, art, aprons, lampshades, jewelry...are you getting this?  Then try, just try, to hang on to your wallet! 

Jeanne is a sewer and artist like me, and I feature her here because I believe that all of us in the blogging community can be supporters of each other.  There's enough to go around for everyone and then some.  When we extend ourseves to one another in love and friendship, we grow our whole community. 

From time to time I will be showcasing some of the other wonderful women I have "met" and admired and I hope that my readers will visit their blogs and support them, too. 

Cuz ladies, frankly we rock!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anthropologie play date

I had the great good fortune to visit the Rockfeller Center Anthropologie store again recently and to my  surprise, they allowed me to take photos.  So if you are not able to visit this store, one of my favorite Anthros, here's a peek at the creative genius at work there...

These two photos are not particularly crisp because they were taken from outside the store on a rainy day.  They do show the displays with leaves painted on the inside of the glass and flowers hanging from green streamers on the inside.  All very springey.  If you look closely, you can see that the painted leaves seem to jump right off the window and become part of the display in 3-D.  Clever!

This was taken from just inside the door and features a bunch of rusted gears, 70's lamps and a water sculpture (there was actually water flowing through it) made of cut up garden hoses.

This display was by the other door.  It's made of paper flowers shaped like a wild sort of coral reef with, of course, a pair of pedal pushers in the middle of it.  Or is that petal pushers?  Because, I mean, what's a coral reef without a mannequin and casual clothes popping right out of the middle of it?

This is in the housewares area (sorry about the unsuspecting shoppers there).  If my house looked like this I'd think it was a big mess, but somehow it looks bohemian and lush in Anthro. 

Do you  love the clothesline tied to the chair at the top? 

I liked the arch with the "A" on it.  Much of this display was rough linen fabric with white paint kind of blobbed on it, giving it that 'Shabby Chic goes dump picking' vibe.  Note that this also has chairs parked up at the ceiling level. 

And finally, this simple arrangement with watering can and a little outfit. 

 I swear half of the reason people buy stuff there is the merchandising of it.  Kind of like you want a souvenir of some exotic place you visited.  The clothing and shoes are certainly different and fun, but really, getting humonstrously expensive.  I think Anthropologie just hits people in their emotions and bypasses the brain altogether.  

One way or another, the whole thing is enchanting and such fun to visit. (Not to mention the generous gift certificate my husband gave me to spend in there.  That doesn't hurt at all...not at all!)