Thursday, March 4, 2010

Girls Day in the City

Yesterday my daughter and granddaughter, Ava, and I went into the city and visited American Girl Place.  It's three floors of complete doll mania.  Since Ava's doll (she's not really an AG, but the much more lovely Robert Tonner doll I got at their factory sale...shhhh!) had hair like a red-headed floor mop, we took her promptly to the salon for a styling.  Ava picked a lovely braided "do."  Ava watched closely so that she could manage Nataly's hair at home herself (no easy task.)

She was very happy with the result!  I'm not sure who is more stylish, Ava or her doll, but they are a cute pair, that's a definite.
Here's a photo of Ava and Mommy.  (And dolly)  We really had a terrific time.  And Ava took home an outfit, a hair kit (including brush and rollers), a pet dog for her doll and some new eyeglasses, so that dolly can see how beautiful she looks!  I spent the past two weekends sewing outfits for Nataly and she had a lot of trying on and admiring to do when she got home.

And for the grand finale, we went home and Ava treated us to a musical performance, complete with guitar, dancing and goofy faces.  She is a bundle of energy, but so much fun.  We had a great day and then I got in my car and drove home, which is over an hour away. 

The older I get, the more I really appreciate time with family and I am reminded of how quickly it flies when I see Ava's little head bouncing along in front of me on the sidewalk and remember that it seemed like just a week or so ago that I was holding her little self and rocking her to sleep (ha!) when I baby sat.  She is ready for kindergarten and is learning her letters and additions now.  Huh?  In about 3 days whe will outstrip my abysmal math ability. 

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