Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Aprons

I made this apron for my sister-in-law.  She's the one who gave me the little beaded critters to use on my bag zippers.  Marianne has worked hard all of her life, raising three wonderful children, and building her bead business.  She became a widow within the past couple of years and sent her youngest off to college half way across the country.  I decided to make her an apron that she could wear at shows, with the OM symbol on it because she is someone who has that peace about her, in spite of everything.  I was delighted to make it for her and I hope she loves it!  It goes in the mail tomorrow!
This one I made for my daughter, Leila.  She's learning to be a cook (actually she is a very good one already.)  She works in a Hospice cooking for the residents and their families and she makes wonderful things especially for them; whatever they want is just what they get!  Everyone who knows Leila loves her, and I am certainly high on that list.  She wanted a red apron and she is not a "girly girl" so I made her this tailored one.  It's going in the mail tomorrow, too!

Finally, this last one is one I made with the material I got on my recent trip to the fashion district in New York.  I am thinking very seriously about making a bunch of them for the "Cupcake Festival" in Gardiner coming up in May.  I'll have to see how many I get made by that time.  It's a cutie, though, isn't it? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Nest Pretty Thing

OK, you see this little birdie?  I just had to have him, because as you can also see through my car windshield, spring is not yet upon us.  Mostly, snow is upon us.  So I grabbed this perfectly charming "dream catcher" from Tamar over at Nest Pretty Things.  She makes these and wonderful jewelry, paper items and hair decor, plus she has delectable photos of her home there.  Ms. Tamar lives in my old stomping grounds of Shelburne, VT.  No wonder she makes these chirpy, cheery items...a long Vermont winter REQUIRES a bit of uplifting at about this time!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shopping (sigh!) again

I had some time this week and stopped in to visit my lovely friend, Heidi, creative proprietress of HiHo Home. She had her trusty sidekick, Humphrey with her to greet all comers properly.  (With a bark, yip and a scamper, once he is sure you are properly frightened.)  I have to say that Heidi is a dynamo of a woman, filled with helpful ideas for any business and the energy to stay up until midnight helping friends with their online dilemmas and hauling home her latest auctioned find.  In short, she's a peach! 
This is the outside of HiHo Home, which houses both antique and new items, displayed in the most enticing and creative ways. 

Here is my favorite room, a sort of Shabby Chic area filled with a pastel palette and all sorts of feminine lovelies. Heidi even has her own line of bath soaps, lotions and bubbles in several yummy fragrances!

She also has a kitcheny room done in greens with local honey products and other funky decorative things. Then there's the baby room! Heidi's got an entire collection of "Little Golden Books"...remember them? The Pokey Little Puppy and the whole gang are here. If you know someone who has a little one, there is plenty of nostalgia and fun in this little room.

You'll find this fireplace at the top of the stairs.


And just in case you want to get a jump on next Christmas, she has this homey ol' fashioned shop/room set up 365 days a year. It's very twinkly!

This is just a quick tour of HiHo Home, one of my favorite places.  I'm really a sucker for environments that are fun and creatively done, and Heidi is one of the best at it.  Plus, her prices are entirely reasonable.  If you are in the Gardiner, NY area and want a really special experience, be sure to check out HiHo'll leave inspired.  And just in case you have a need for an occasional dog "fix" you can get that there with Humphrey, too.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

City Day

My daughter and I planned a day in the city to have lunch, visit Anthropologie with her birthday discount and our holiday gift certificates, and hit the fashion district to buy supplies for sewing.

While we were there, I took some pictures of architectural ephemera that makes the city so interesting. I wish I could have taken some photos of the Rockefeller Center Anthro--two whole floors of mind boggling creativity and wonderful things to buy, but they frown upon that. Here's what I loved, though: window displays of colored cut up liter soda bottles made into huge flowing flowers, a chair made of radiators, and a peacock made of plastic spoons, forks and packaged chopsticks. I mean, who thinks of this???

Now there's a mind I'd like to climb inside, like Alice fell down the rabbit hole.

Isn't this just the best? I love this needle and button on the corner in the fashion district.

I don't even know where I saw the rest of these beauties, but I had to look up to see them. Good thing my daughter was with me so I didn't wander into traffic while I was looking .

Here's some of the loot I came home with, (not counting what I bought at Anthro.) I brought a rolling cart with me that I bought for the occasion. I figure, I'm old enough now, I've earned the right to drag an ol' lady cart along with me. And really, we were dang lucky to have it by the time we finished our shoppage! Now on to the sewing...