Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fake spring is good enough for me!

This is what happened:  I saw a sign saying that the Garden show was coming up at my local grocery store.  Deciding I would just check it out while picking up a few odds and ends, I stumbled (literally) into this in the back room!

Outside it is still muddy, gray and brown and everything is dirty.  Aaaagh!  I am so tired of living in a colorless world!


And THIS...

And THIS...

Not to mention, THIS

None of which, for the capability of this blog, includes the fragrance of a multitude of flowers, the sound of rushing water, the warm, humid air or the tactile impression of boulders, moss and bark.

Honestly, I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, trying to regain my composure.  Because in that few minutes of standing in this environment that included everything but the Munchkins singing and birds flying about, I fully comprehended how utterly exhausted I am, how bone tired of the cold, the raw and the dirty, the snowplow at 4 AM, school snow days, filthy cars, and the hassle of heavy clothes and clompy boots.

I am happy to say that just around the corner peeks spring and I am daring to hope that once again my cute shoes will make their way out of the closet and the cats can sleep on the deck and my car can be cleaned and actually stay that way.

Oh, and just to be clear, I actually did say grocery store.  This place is so unbelievable, it's just a treasure.  It has a candy shop, a florist, a garden center, a bakery, fish shop, butcher shop, cheese shop, soup and salad bar, and store filled with all manner of wonderful, locally produced food.  There are something like 6 cashiers on hand at all times so you absolutely never have to wait in line--ever.  And for some obscure reason, the prices are completely reasonable.

Adams Fairacre Farms...otherwise known as my personal mental health clinic, I thank you.  And I salute your landscapers--they are miracle workers!