Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anthropologie play date

I had the great good fortune to visit the Rockfeller Center Anthropologie store again recently and to my  surprise, they allowed me to take photos.  So if you are not able to visit this store, one of my favorite Anthros, here's a peek at the creative genius at work there...

These two photos are not particularly crisp because they were taken from outside the store on a rainy day.  They do show the displays with leaves painted on the inside of the glass and flowers hanging from green streamers on the inside.  All very springey.  If you look closely, you can see that the painted leaves seem to jump right off the window and become part of the display in 3-D.  Clever!

This was taken from just inside the door and features a bunch of rusted gears, 70's lamps and a water sculpture (there was actually water flowing through it) made of cut up garden hoses.

This display was by the other door.  It's made of paper flowers shaped like a wild sort of coral reef with, of course, a pair of pedal pushers in the middle of it.  Or is that petal pushers?  Because, I mean, what's a coral reef without a mannequin and casual clothes popping right out of the middle of it?

This is in the housewares area (sorry about the unsuspecting shoppers there).  If my house looked like this I'd think it was a big mess, but somehow it looks bohemian and lush in Anthro. 

Do you  love the clothesline tied to the chair at the top? 

I liked the arch with the "A" on it.  Much of this display was rough linen fabric with white paint kind of blobbed on it, giving it that 'Shabby Chic goes dump picking' vibe.  Note that this also has chairs parked up at the ceiling level. 

And finally, this simple arrangement with watering can and a little outfit. 

 I swear half of the reason people buy stuff there is the merchandising of it.  Kind of like you want a souvenir of some exotic place you visited.  The clothing and shoes are certainly different and fun, but really, getting humonstrously expensive.  I think Anthropologie just hits people in their emotions and bypasses the brain altogether.  

One way or another, the whole thing is enchanting and such fun to visit. (Not to mention the generous gift certificate my husband gave me to spend in there.  That doesn't hurt at all...not at all!)

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