Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just on the perchance you aren't as excited as I am about the coming Squam Art Workshop I will be attending in June, I thought I'd post up this photo that I got from Lizzy House's blog.  She will be the one instructing me on how to make that fabulous mobile...  You should really check her out, she is the cutest pixie person with an overstock of energy.  How could she not be with a name like "Lizzy"?  Love it!

Just looking at this photograph brings peace to my heart.  And I surely could use some right about now. 

I have been so stressed out for the past few months that I have actually nearly ruined my digestive system.  Considering that I am one of the most fortunate and healthy persons around, having a health problem other than a cold or the flu is a very new and unwelcome experience for me.  I will be 61 in two days and I feel like I'm 35, and usually act like it, too. 

Anyway, I will have to content myself with imagining I'm in this beautiful scene until I actually get there.  And maybe that will help my digestion, which refuses to be under my control in any way.  Ugh! 

Like my granddaughter Ava likes to say, "I'm 'cited!!"

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