Sunday, May 30, 2010

Along the way...

When I'm out visiting clients, I take my camera with me in my purse.  I do a lot of driving and see a lot of things and so I take pictures.  This rainbow was very unusual because first of all there had not been any rain that day.  I just happened to look up and see it.  The sky was clear with just a few of these fuzzy clouds.  And the rainbow was not curved, but ran straight across the sky.

A few days later, I got out of my car and saw this adorable little dog looking at me from inside a big white truck next to me.  I was very worried when I saw the windows rolled up because it was about 95 degrees out, but then I noticed that the dog was not panting.  Hmmmm.....then I heard the engine running, so I deduced (oh so smartly) that the A/C must have been left on inside the truck.  Not only that, there was music playing and another little fuzzball pooch in there, too.  I was very relieved to know that they were left in such caring circumstances. 

Just a little reminder, most people really know by now, but don't leave your little petties in hot cars.  Unless , of course, the air conditioning and classical music is playing for them.  Awww!

This is one of my favorite houses, on one of my routes.  It's brick with a lot of "gingerbread" trim on it.  This day I happened to glance over at it and saw roses, roses and more roses.  Each bush was a different color:  red, cherry, orange, yellow, and the effect was really stunning.  Not to mention the fragrance in the air was just incredible. 

Having my little Canon with me has really changed how I observe my surroundings, and in a positive way.  I just hope I don't get into an accident leaping out of my car some day to take a picture.  I am learning to listen more to the voice in my head that is encouraging me to stop and just take the dang picture and don't assume it will be waiting on the trip back. 

That happened last week when I saw a herd of dairy cows all corraled by the road where it would have been very easy for me to pull over and get a pic.  Instead, I kept going and sure enough, nary a one was there when I came back.  I'm hoping they were moved to the back 40 and not to (gulp) you-know-where.

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  1. That home is so gorgeous. I hate when I forget my camera and miss a really great shot.