Monday, May 24, 2010

They came in the night...

I woke up to find these in the garden.  I planted them about 5 years ago and each year the poppies get a little bigger and have more blooms.  Something about them is just so beautiful, with their papery petals and the dark black stamens.  I just think they are magical!  They just appeared one morning as if to say, "Hello!  Spring is really here!"

These beautiful iris are mixed in with some mint that has gone rather wild.  They always remind me of Claude Monet and his French garden.  My neighbor across the road has yellow and burgundy ones which are gorgeous, too.
This last one is a rose that I got as a gift from my daughter when our sweet cocker spaniel, Max, went over the rainbow bridge several years ago.  I planted it in his memory and it looks more beautiful than ever this year.  I really adore the striated petals.  I feel particularly blessed with these perennials since I seem to have nearly no ability to make plants grow and thrive.  That they keep coming back better than ever is really a gift to me! 

Each day as I drive to my job, I take the most scenic route I can.  I watch for landmarks that I have noticed and suddenly everything is in bloom.  (Especially the pollen!)  It's such a miracle that the world just comes alive every spring and nearly explodes with color and freshness.  What a blessing it is just having the unfolding of a new season day by day. 

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