Monday, July 5, 2010

Memories are made of this...

I bought these shoes from E-bay, after looking for them for quite a while.  Remember them?  If you are a person who was around in the late 70's, you will. 

I remember them for quite a different reason.  You see, when I first met my friend Mase, she was wearing these.  I remember her walking up with her little daughter Autumn who was around 2 years old at the time.  Autumn had hair the color of spun glass, and it looked like it most of the time, too.  She had bright blue eyes and her upper lip was chapped more often than not.  Mase, to me, was just the coolest woman.  She was a single Mom and she drove a blue and white Volkswagon van.  She was tall (or maybe it was these shoes) and beautiful and had the nicest manner about her.  I just admired her immensely.  We ended up becoming friends and she was my confidante, she rescued me with that van from my first husband's violence at least once, she listened to endless whining after I moved away to Vermont from Cape Cod (Provincetown, to be exact) and she has stayed a true and wonderful friend all these years.  Mase makes her living by painting horses, figures and abstracts, all of which are just stupendous.  She has given me quite a few of her pieces, which is a truly overwhelming act of generosity.  They are among my prized possessions, along with pictures of my family, and toys my father played with as a child.  To me, having a friend like this for all these years is really a miracle.  I have been blessed. 

And so I bought these shoes because they remind me of Mase and what a treasure I have in my life with a good friend and inspiration like her.


  1. Mase is a terrific friend! I'm so glad that you both found one other.

  2. Hello Susanna, Thanks for your comment; Mase is truly an amazing person...check out her website! And I love your website, too--your art is beautiful! S

  3. What an amazing story. How lucky you are to have a friend of that quality.