Friday, July 23, 2010


Earlier this summer my husband and I went to Portsmouth, NH during our yearly vacation to Rye Beach.  I took a few snapshots of this really adorable town to share.
One thing I really love about the downtown area is that they are completely flower happy. I have never seen so many beautiful window boxes and planters! (Well, actually Carmel-by-the-Sea is pretty obsessed with flowers, as well.)

The shops are about 90% locally owned...the big chain stores are in a nearby mall.  The street is very pedestrian friendly with a big 5-cornered intersection and outdoor tables for coffee and peoplewatching.  There are plenty of benches and water fountains, too.

This was early evening and the streets were crowded with tourists and people going out to dinner.

At the center of the town is this beautiful church with a clock tower.

This little cutie was parked on the street!
Finally, this is a shot of the salt marshes we drive by on the way to the ocean beach.  I always think this is such a peaceful view.
Portsmouth also has a Naval Shipyard and there is a lot of work on vessels that is done there.  Over the waterway, which passes right by the downtown area are several bridges that raise up and down when ships need to pass through.  If you are on the bridge, you have to stop and wait for the bridge to come down again.  There is something so charming about that to me. 

You can even have dinner on one of the ships that is permanently moored there, for that full seafood experience!

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