Sunday, January 3, 2010

Old and New

This is my old friend and faithful companion, Ms. Singer. I cannot even remember where or when I got her, but I'll never give her up. She sews a perfect straight stitch and makes great buttonholes and other fancy stitches with her many accessories. But then, great accessories are good for all of us, right?

This is the wooden box that came with Ms. Singer and it has all of her attachments, uh, accessories in it...

Half of this stuff is a complete mystery to me, but I just like looking at it and opening and closing this nifty wooden box.

This is my new machine. Ms. Janome is her name and fancy stitches are her game. She has a computer chip inside, she threads her own needle and she is programmable. I needed a skill that Ms. Singer didn't have, namely zigging and zagging, so I got her a new sister. She is nice and I appreciate all that she does, but I still love my old black beat-up machine the best. I'm just funny that way, I guess!

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