Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking Up

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions; seems like a waste of time. But this year I got into an interesting frame of mind.

I was thinking about personal power and how to conserve it.

Creativity and how to grow it.

What I realized is that gossip is kicking my feet out from under me. Not the kind that one ordinarily thinks of, hanging around the water cooler yapping about some silly nothing. What I more was thinking was talking about someone else who isn't there, with let's say, a less than noble intention. You know what I mean...talking about your mother-in-law and how she drives you nuts or how the plumber charged too much and what a rip-off it is; that kind of stuff. Those conversations that I am too scared to have with the right person. I started to realize that if I wasn't willing to go straight to the person who needed to hear what I was saying, I was just spinning my wheels.


Focusing on the negative.

Very uncreative stuff.

Stuff guaranteed to keep me stuck in crabola mode.

And I made a resolution to make a concerted effort to stop gossiping and to not participate in anyone else's. This is going to be a lot harder than losing weight, that's for sure.

Forcing myself to either deal with what I was upset about or just changing the channel in my head and thinking about something else puts me in the power position of either solving a problem or starving it to death and not being a voluntary victim any more.

And getting more energy.

And looking up to see THIS, which I would never have noticed while grumping away on my cell phone. Isn't this the most delightful architectural eye candy? I have probably driven by this about 50 times and just never seen it because I was too sunk in my own boring brain. I mean, lOOk at those charming curves, those crooked stairs, that wrought iron porch. There must be a fairy princess in there somewhere!

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