Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I made it myself!!

My older daughter wanted this rocking chair for her new apartment/cottage.  It's been in the family since before they were even born.  (Sometime I'll share the story of how we bought our first house which was abandoned with everything still in it--including this chair.)  Anyway, the last person to have it was my granddaughter, Ava.  I recovered it in a blue floral print with a yellow gingham checked ruffle around the bottom and gave it to her Mom at her baby shower.  It was entirely too feminine and foofy for my older girl so last Sunday I did it over in a much more serious fabric, that I think will go with her rug very well.

I also redid my lamps in the bedroom.  I was just bored with them.  The shades were a gold tapestry looking fabric and I took some dotted gauze fabric that I picked up this summer at a yard sale and used it for the new shade--right over the old one.  You can see how the color looks in the bottom photo where it's lit.  I cut a piece of fabric the size of the bottom of the shade and sewed up the seam.  Then I coated it with wallpaper paste and smush/draped it over the shade, scrunching it up over the top and the bottom.  I used spring clothespins to hold it while it dried outside in the sun.  Then I reinforced the bottom with some Elmer's glue on the inside to hold it.  I added a ribbon cut from some fabric I made curtains out of for my upstairs guest room.  I thought they turned out rather well!  The total cost for these two projects?  (drumroll....)  $13.00  That's the best part of all!

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