Sunday, February 7, 2010

City Day

My daughter and I planned a day in the city to have lunch, visit Anthropologie with her birthday discount and our holiday gift certificates, and hit the fashion district to buy supplies for sewing.

While we were there, I took some pictures of architectural ephemera that makes the city so interesting. I wish I could have taken some photos of the Rockefeller Center Anthro--two whole floors of mind boggling creativity and wonderful things to buy, but they frown upon that. Here's what I loved, though: window displays of colored cut up liter soda bottles made into huge flowing flowers, a chair made of radiators, and a peacock made of plastic spoons, forks and packaged chopsticks. I mean, who thinks of this???

Now there's a mind I'd like to climb inside, like Alice fell down the rabbit hole.

Isn't this just the best? I love this needle and button on the corner in the fashion district.

I don't even know where I saw the rest of these beauties, but I had to look up to see them. Good thing my daughter was with me so I didn't wander into traffic while I was looking .

Here's some of the loot I came home with, (not counting what I bought at Anthro.) I brought a rolling cart with me that I bought for the occasion. I figure, I'm old enough now, I've earned the right to drag an ol' lady cart along with me. And really, we were dang lucky to have it by the time we finished our shoppage! Now on to the sewing...

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